Exclusive Open Box Deals

Sometimes, our customers adjust their choices, opting for upgrades, downgrades, or even a change of heart. This presents a unique opportunity for you. Our open box items are rare, but lucky for you, we have a limited number of Professionals and Minis waiting to be claimed.

Our Promise to You: Every open box item is guaranteed to be in almost new condition (some are in brand new unused condition) – it's our commitment to you. We meticulously inspect and carefully repackage each product to ensure it meets our high standards, providing you with peace of mind alongside unbeatable savings.

Why Choose Open Box?

  • Exclusive Availability: With limited quantities, these deals are as unique as they are valuable. Act swiftly to secure your premium product at an exceptional price.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Every item is in almost-new condition, backed by our full warranty for complete satisfaction.
  • Unmatched Savings: Access premium products at a reduced cost, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Contact us to inquire about current Open Box items that are available at a discount. Our inventory is small and changes quickly, call at 1-888-524-6628 / 1-909-697-4114 or LiveChat with one of our Bio-Experts.  If you are reaching out during off hours, please email connect@biomat.com with your contact information and one of our team members will connect with you. 

Carefully Inspected

The BioMat is an FDA 510 Class II Medical Device.  When we accept a return, we carefully inspect, clean and test it.  The BioMat is meticulously examined by a Specialist, who looks for any markings or other flaws that would disqualify it from being sold as an Open Box item.  If it is not found to be perfect, we donate the item to a non-profit organization.

Repackaged and Resealed

After every inch of the BioMat has been reviewed, those that pass our high standards, are correctly folded in the suitcase, packaged like new, and sealed in the box.

Lifetime Quality Guarantee

Our BioMats are built to last, and Open Box items are no different.  We are proud to stand by the quality materials, workmanship and warranty Richway has to offer.


Are Open Box items eligible for return or exchange?

Yes. We take great care in our inspection process to ensure that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your Open Box item.  All questions regarding your purchase are answered by our staff members at the time of purchase.

How do I purchase an open-box item?

As our inventory is small, and fluctuates daily, please call 1-888-524-6628 / 1-909-697-4114 or LiveChat with one of our Bio-Experts.  If you are reaching out during off hours, please email connect@biomat.com with your best phone number and one of our team members will call you. 

 Do you wash the items before reselling them?

The BioMat itself is not washable, however, as part of our rigorous testing process, we do run the BioMat on the highest heat setting, not only to test functionality but also to sanitize anything on the surface.  In addition, we wash the cotton pad that is included in most BioMats sizes.  We use non-toxic, non-scented environmentally friendly detergents.

Are these items under warranty?

Per Richway’s policies, the warranty is not transferable from the original purchaser.  However, should you have a problem with your BioMat, we will do everything we can to execute the warranty on your behalf OR replace it for you by mirroring Richway’s CARE and trade-in programs.  We’ve got you covered and your satisfaction is our top priority!