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About Richway BioMat®

Welcome to BioMat®, where science, nature, and well-being intertwine.

We stand at the forefront of holistic healing, fusing age-old wisdom with groundbreaking technology to curate Bio Technology that transcends the ordinary.

मुफ़्त शिपिंग

मुफ़्त शिपिंग

हर ऑर्डर मुफ्त शिपिंग के साथ आता है।
हम सीधे आपके सामने के दरवाजे तक पहुंच जाते हैं।

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Free Returns

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24/7 Available

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At BioMat, we are passionate about sharing quality health products that enhance quality of life and help people to live healthier through new, holistic technologies.

BioMat.com is an Authorized RichWay distributor. RichWay is the company behind the BioMat line of medical products and the Alkal-Life Water Ionizer.  Established in 1997, the corporate headquarters are based in Honolulu, Hawaii, with offices and staff in several countries and a distribution network that spans the globe.

As developers of medical and therapeutic products, Richway is committed to providing customers with responsive, timely service and superior products backed with a 3 Year Limited Warranty / Lifetime Trade-In Option.  You can return old product and receive 30% discount towards new product purchase, even towards a different product.

The quality of BioMat products is internationally recognized and meets or exceeds all certification requirements, including ISO certification and FDA 510(k) Class II Medical Device Registration.

We are proud of BioMat products and invite you to try out the time-tested, research backed BioMat products for yourself!


Our Values.

Our Journey:
BioMat® was born out of a simple realization: The world is advancing rapidly, but in the process, many are losing touch with nature's inherent healing power. Our mission is to bridge this gap, integrating nature’s treasures with technological advancements to serve mankind.

Our Promise:
Every BioMat® product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and efficacy. Harnessing the potent combination of Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions, and the therapeutic power of Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals, we are devoted to delivering a transformative healing experience right to your doorstep.

The BioMat® Difference.

Our distinct edge lies in the way we merge the tangible with the intangible. While our mats are tangible conduits of healing, the intangible aspects— the warmth, the Negative ions, the energy from the crystals— work synergistically to revitalize both body and spirit.

Embrace the Future:
With BioMat®, you're not just adopting a product, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle of enhanced well-being, better sleep, reduced pain, and a deep connection with the elemental powers of the earth. Our growing community of users, including medical facilities, health practitioners, athletes, wellness spas, health enthusiasts, and families, is a testament to the transformation BioMat® brings. We invite you to experience the BioMat® difference for yourself with our 30 day return guarantee.