Discover the Top 3 Benefits of Far Infrared For Your Health

Discover the Top 3 Benefits of Far Infrared For Your Health

Jul 01, 2024

We have always believed that healing begins at a cellular level – by using the Earth’s natural intelligence, people can heal most purely through cutting-edge technology. For that reason, we have spent considerable time researching and developing a wellness tool that will bring medical and therapeutic benefits to you in the comfort of your home!
The Professional BioMat uses Far Infrared and Negative Ions, as well as properties of pure Amethyst, which provide relief and relaxation to your entire body. In this blog, we will cover some of the advantages of using this kind of therapy.

What is Far Infrared Therapy?
Believe it or not, the technologies in BioMat® have been known for thousands of years, but have been recently refined by modern medicine and science! Specifically, the use of Far Infrared and Negative Ions has recently become popular in medical products because:
  • They deliver amazing, scientifically proven therapeutic results
  • They are affordable for most people to incorporate into their every day lifestyle
So you may be asking yourself, what exactly is this technology?
Far infrared is a frequency that occurs right next to the color red in the visible light spectrum; however, Infrared is the beginning of the Invisible light spectrum. Infrared has a unique ability to penetrate well beneath the skin's surface 6-8cm. The Infrared frequency causes the water molecules in our body to vibrate.  That vibration causes friction, and the friction causes heat.  Consequently, it can elevate body temperature and boost beneficial functions such as enzyme activity and a heat shock protein response.
Did you know that the first research on this kind of radiation was first conducted by NASA decades ago? Now, it’s used in various medical products because of its widespread benefits!

What Are The Benefits Of Far Infrared Therapy?

Scientists have always been interested in the area of heat and how it can be used to enhance the wellness of the human body. To put it in simple terms, the discovery of far infrared thermal technology has been revolutionary – it’s an effective, safe, and efficient approach to thermal treatment that medical professionals globally use.

Here are some of the benefits that come with it:

1. Relaxation And Pain Management

Far infrared increases circulation in the body and relaxes muscles.  With healthy circulation you bring more oxygen, and white and red blood cells to your tissue, allowing the body to maximize its intended healing abilities. As a result, pain is reduced, nerve endings benefit and muscle spasms are relieved.  When you feel good in your body, have less pain, and better sleep your stress levels naturally come down and allow a more joy-filled life!

2. Improvement Of Blood Circulation

This kind of heat therapy expands capillaries, promoting increased blood flow and regeneration, which are essential for a healthy body and on-going vitality.  Movement and blood flow is a hallmark of health in the body, stagnation is the opposite.  Healthy circulation also provides a boost of energy and a sense of well being.

3. Cleansing and Immune Boosting Properties

With your circulation boosted, your body will naturally enhance its own cleansing processes and speed up waste removal.  Heat therapy, also called Thermotherapy, is an effective immune boosting treatment often revered in eastern cultures for how it enhances enzymatic function, cleanses the body, boosts energy and supports your natural healing processes within your immune system.
Far Infrared is something we receive naturally from the sun.  In an age when our time spent outdoors is less and less, the BioMat® provides an easy way that is complementary to any lifestyle to receive the benefits of Far Infrared, all with the assurance, safety and credibility of an FDA 510K Class II Medical Device.
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