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How the BioMat® Heals You
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Rapidly shift your client from the heavy stressed out state they walk in with, to a relaxed healing- activated state in under 10 minutes

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The science behind the biomat®

BioMat® combines Negative Ions and Infrared Rays to promote health, relieve pain, reduce stress, and speed up recovery. It mimics the beneficial Negative Ion levels  found in nature and uses frequencies aligned with the human body. Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals further amplify its therapeutic effects making BioMat® a fusion of natural elements and advanced health technology.

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Far Infrared Heat

Eases Pain and Inflammation, Increases Circulation and Promotes Deep Healing at a Cellular Level.


Negative Ions

Delivers Nature's Healing. Detoxifies from Pollutants and Calms the Nervous System.


Amethyst & Tourmaline Crystals

Ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge technology. Deepen the healing with the synergistic power of these natural elements.

You'll Love This is You're

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Experiencing Pain from Chronic Conditions

Infrared Rays penetrate deep into the skin, targeting pain directly at its source, offering potent, non-invasive relief.

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An Athlete or Fitness Enthusiast

Infrared heat helps athletes in alleviating muscle fatigue and optimizing post-workout recovery.

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Having Problems Sleeping

Effectively prime for sleep by activating the parasympathetic response and ease into a restorative night sleep.

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Overworked or Stressed Out

Remove the edge off of stress allowing your body and mind to relax, and your body to heal.

Bringing Nature to You: A Dive into the Technology of Negative Ions

Negative Ions are nature's grounding force, eliciting feelings of calm and connection, reminiscent of a serene moment with toes deep in the earth, truly unified with nature. However, in contrast, the abundance of Positive Ions, amplified by modern factors like 5G and busy cities, nudges our bodies into a heightened fight-or-flight state.

Through Nobel Prize-backed research, we've quantified the Negative Ion levels of the BioMat®, giving you a clear perspective of its capabilities compared to various environments. Embracing an atmosphere rich in Negative Ions, akin to peaceful forests or waterfalls, nurtures well-being and diminishes chronic stress, which is linked to inflammation and multiple health challenges. Opting for this enhanced tranquility is an investment in a healthier, more harmonious life.

Inside a Modern Home or City: The Negative Ion Count is only 50-200 ions/cm³. Making urban environments mentally, emotionally and physically draining.

Serene Forest: The Negative Ion Count is around 3,000 ions/cm³ here. A walk in the woods offers more than just visual beauty; it's filled with Negative Ions that help to ground and refresh you.

Beside Moving Water or a Waterfall: This is where you can get over 10,000 Negative Ions/cm³. The pinnacle of natural tranquility, where you're drenched not just in water, but in a sea of grounding Negative Ions.

Enter the BioMat®: Measuring at 3,400 ions/cm³. With its embedded Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals, the BioMat® offers a forest-like bounty of Negative Ions, allowing you to experience nature's embrace, no matter where you are.

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The Significance of its 17-Layer Design

The BioMat®, constructed with 17 meticulously designed layers, is a product of extensive research and high-quality sourcing by Richway International. These layers, which range from waterproofing and Amethyst to thermal insulation, ensure durability, protection from elements like EMFs, and the effective delivery of the BioMat's healing Infrared Rays.

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