5 Benefits of the Holistic Approach to Managing Chronic Pain BioMat.com

5 Benefits of the Holistic Approach to Managing Chronic Pain

Jun 01, 2024

Chronic pain is a complex notion and cannot be treated the same way we treat ordinary colds or allergies. Once a person is diagnosed with pain, the most commonly recommended therapy is medication. However, medication doesn’t work for everyone, in the same way, meaning that sometimes, instead of managing pain, people are faced with various side effects. 

When medication doesn’t work, people resolve to explore other options that are proven to help. Such an alternative solution is the holistic method, an excellent approach to chronic pain management with numerous benefits. 

What is a holistic approach? 

The holistic approach is a curative method that uses physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health to provide treatment. The core of holistic healing includes all aspects of a person’s well-being while focusing on specific health issues. Nowadays, there are different holistic strategies used by wellness providers and enthusiasts: 

  • Chiropractic 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Exercise (yoga and pilates sessions)
  • Mindfulness and meditation training
  • Inclusion of vitamin and herbal supplements 

Benefits of holistic healing 

It is important to point out that holistic healing does not only help with chronic pain. While it does relieve it, it also contributes to other points of a person’s health and well-being. Here are a few of the benefits that come with holistic healing. 

1. Reduces stress and promotes relaxation 

Holistic strategies, such as massage therapies, are known to relieve chronic back pain and reduce stress levels a person might feel during everyday activities. However, massage therapists can enhance the results of a massage by using the right tools. Our BioMat® provides soothing and relaxing effects during a massage session. This way, patients can experience improvements even after one session. 

2. Addresses emotional and mental triggers 

Holistic healing is not only about easing up symptoms of pain. Oftentimes, pain triggers feelings that affect the emotional and mental state of a person. Holistic approaches, such as acupuncture and meditation, are great chronic back pain relievers and strategies that can eliminate triggers related to the pain one feels. 

3. Improves circulation

In many cases, pain is caused by poor blood circulation in one’s body. Holistic strategies improve circulation, especially with physical exercises, such as yoga and pilates. However, the effect of these activities can always be strengthened by choosing the right equipment. Our BioMat® is designed to promote oxygen increase, contributing to more effective exercise results. 


4. Supports the immune system 

By focusing on your overall well-being, not just the physical part, you will give your immune system a chance to become stronger. Chronic pain is not only relieved by focusing on the physical part of the pain. Your whole body needs to work in order to obtain the desired results and get a stronger immune system. 

5. Improves sleep 

Holistic strategies promote relaxation, hence you become peaceful and allow yourself to improve your sleep. A mind that is calm and still has a better chance of a good night’s sleep than one that is constantly stressed and overwhelmed. Considering holistic healing for pain is much more than a reliever of painful symptoms.

As you can see, holistic treatment goes beyond easing up chronic pain. However, the right tools can always improve and enhance holistic strategies. Your mind and body deserve the best, and you are responsible for delivering it!


If you want to step up your game with holistic healing, order your BioMat® now and be impressed by the results!

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