5 Steps to Instantly Doubling your Energy Naturally

5 Steps to Instantly Doubling your Energy Naturally

May 19, 2024

Regardless of industry-type, busy professionals are chronically tired. The demands of keeping up with jam-packed schedules filled with family, work and personal obligations creates an endless cycle of exhaustion and fatigue. The result: you reach for quick energy fixes that are unhealthy and depleting.

Below are 5 quick, easy and powerful techniques to double your energy and productivity naturally and sustainably.

1) Eat a Protein-rich Breakfast

Our bodies need nourishment in the morning to break the fast from a long night’s sleep and protein is ideal. It gives you sustained energy and keeps you from having a gigantic lunch and then crashing in the afternoon and reaching for sugary snacks from the vending machine and caffeinated drinks.

Some easy protein-rich breakfast ideas include: a protein shake, an egg white omelet with vegetables, Greek yogurt with walnuts, berries and honey or whole wheat toast with organic almond butter. When possible, eat breakfast within 60 minutes of waking up.

Eating a power breakfast is the #1 technique to instantly doubling your energy and boosting your metabolism every day.

2) Get plenty of sleep

Sleep not only gives you laser sharp focus and energy, but it is also a major component to healthy weight loss and management.

Sleep controls the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin. When you don’t get enough sleep, ghrelin is more prevalent making you crave all the wrong foods all day long. Plus your focus and mood suffer as you crave all the junk food in sight. When you get enough rest, your body has more of the hormone leptin – which helps to suppress our appetite.

The time you fall asleep is just as important as the amount of hours you sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have enough time to sleep, here are 7 tips to support you in getting the shut-eye you really need. Sleep is a MUST to keep you successful for the long-term.

Tips for adding more sleep to your busy day:

  1. Schedule a bedtime that’s realistic and stick to it. You can start by deciding to be in bed 30 minutes before you usually do.
  2. Make bedtime a ritual. Remove TVs from your bedroom and read a book instead.
  3. Listen to soothing music, light a candle, have some lavender sachets for stress reduction or aromatherapy oils and wear your favorite pajamas.
  4. When you’re in your bed, you shouldn’t be playing with gadgets as they’ll keep you wired and engaged. Disconnect and rest.
  5. Pre-bedtime is a time for you to unwind, allow yourself to disconnect from your day and fall into blissful sleep
  6. Avoid caffeine and too much sugar after lunch time and very late exercise in the evening.
  7. Take a 5-10 minute nap during the day. It’ll give your eyes some rest and help you reconnect with your body.

3) Exercise: Play it up!

Exercise is a game changer when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle since it benefits our minds, bodies and spirits.

If exercise doesn’t fit into your current schedule, remember its amazing benefits including: exercise builds self-confidence, is a great stress reliever, elevates our mood, strengthens the immune system and helps prevent chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Stay creative. If the gym doesn’t excite you, consider yoga, pilates, zumba, ballroom dancing, hiking, swimming or power walking outdoors. Do what you love and you’ll do it often. The goal is to move consistently.

4) Get “REAL” with your food

To keep your energy high throughout your day, eat whole foods that are plant-based or minimally processed. The more you eat foods from nature, the more energized you’ll feel.  These include dark leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains and lean protein. Find a ratio of healthy to “fun” (less healthy) foods that works for you. For example, 80% healthy and 20% fun foods is a good goal.

5) Create a Power Schedule: Add healthy activities

Your calendar truthfully reflects your priorities and values. If health is a priority in your life, then it needs its own spot on your calendar.  Exercise, time for self-care and meal planning (grocery shopping, food preparation and cooking) even your bedtime are all really key! If it’s not on your calendar it becomes a “should” and may not get done. If you schedule it in, then it’s much more likely to happen! Consider times on your calendar for yourself as a business appointment because it is. You are investing in your well-being so you can function optimally.

Optimal health is your #1 business success tool and investing in it will double your productivity and focus and have you enjoying your life and business more.

Whether you know it or not, your health is the platform that will catapult your business and career into more money, more clients, more visibility, more sustainable success.

By investing in your health, you exponentially increase your business success.

Here’s to your sweet success!

-Priscilla Stephan

Chief Wellness Ambassador at Sweet Path Wellness

To learn more about the EMBODY YOU Curriculum and to sign up, visit www.sweetpathwellness.com and Click on “Group Program.”


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About Priscilla Stephan

Priscilla Stephan is Chief Wellness Ambassador at Sweet Path Wellness.  Her mission is to support women in business to thrive through healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.  As a Certified Nutrition Coach and Consultant, she works with busy career women in private and group programs that guide them in making simple and successful changes that support and nourish their dynamic lifestyle and goals.

Sweet Path Wellness also offers corporate programs that support companies in creating a culture of wellness through a series of educational workshops, nutritional counseling, and consulting services. Contact us at priscilla@sweetpathwellness.com to see how we can support your company to create healthier and more productive employees.

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